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Black Magic books, collections of magic spell rituals and Witchcraft practices are generically referred to as grimoires. The name grimoire, given to a variety of texts setting out spells, rituals, and the names of demons and instructions on how to raise them, is a book of black magic, a book on which a witch or sorcerer relied for instruction and secret information pertaining to the raising of spirits and casting of magic spells. The effectiveness of these spells and rituals were and are, of course, completely dependent on the will and skill of the witch or sorcerer, an individual initiated and experienced in the art of reciting this type of formula and following the directions and instructions associated with the magic spells.

Some followers and practitioners of black magic and witchcraft believe that grimoires must be handwritten in red ink, preferably blood, bound in black leather or human skin, and bestowed upon the user as part of a witch's legacy. None of this is true and in fact, is abhorrent to a true, practicing witch or sorcerer.

Grimoires were extremely popular from 1600 C.E. thru 1900 C.E. The Black Dragon, Red Dragon, and the Black Screech Owl are all good and heavily read examples of grimoires or magical texts. The word grimoire is a derivative of the word grammar. Grammar is a linguistic term that describes an established set of symbols, rules, and the manner of their incorporation with words to properly construct well-formed, meaningful sentences and texts. Like grammar, a grimoire describes a set of magic symbols and how best to properly combine them to construct successful spells, rituals, and invocation to achieve the desired effects.

True grimoires contain very elaborate rituals with highly detailed instructions on how the must be performed. The source of much of the information contained in the various grimoires was derived from ancient Greek and Egyptian magical writings, but Hebrew and Latin scrolls were also used. Grimoires were primarily used by sorcerers of antiquity and early church officials, it was not until later that the material was adapted by witches for the practice of Black Magic and Witchcraft.

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