The Draw of the Seven

This spell is excellent for opening sexual options and for choosing a sexual path for a night or a life.

This spell works particularly well for planning a course of action for an exciting evening. It is wonderful for predicting your partner's deepest desires.

Light a solitary candle and place it on a smooth bare surface.

Taking a piece of paper, tear it into seven pieces. Next, write seven sexual desires or options.

Note: There will be many times that one?s actual number of choices may be less than seven. In this case, one should create possible options for the individual choices so as to create a full seven possibilities.

When you have completed your seven choices, lay them face down in a circle around the base of the burning candle.

Rotate the candle, clockwise, seven times.

Now, standing over the candle, take a deep breath and blow downward so as to extinguish the candle. The piece of paper that moves furthest from the candle is the choice for you.

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