To Gain the Heart of Another - To Win a Heart

If there be a person whose heart and affection you wish to win, cast upon them the following spell.

You will need some small object that they have touched or held. This thing can be of any sort and need not be owned by them.

You will also need a piece of fine cloth, large enough so that the object may be wrapped therein.

Upon the fabric, write with pen and ink the following:

  • The name of that person whom you desire
  • Your own name
  • And also the following words: "To gain thy heart I keep thee near that in our hearts we shall be one."

Wrap the object in the cloth and bind it securely with a length of cord.

Take two short candles and place them near the object, but at opposing ends. Light the candles, and once lighted, do not move the object.

Repeat the following incantation:

Two candles burn as two hearts
That in one their desires may unite
As I seek thee let these candles
Guide your heart into the light

Do not move the object again until one of the candles has burned out. Note: candles can be lighted and extinguished as needed as long as the object is not moved. When one of the candles burns out on its own, extinguish the remaining candle and place it along with the wrapped object in a safe place.

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