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Family Protection Spell

Spell for Protection of the Family - This unique and powerful magic spell is used to protect all members of a family.

You will need:

A beeswax candle
One fresh leaf (from any plant) for each member of the family
One straight pin for each leaf
A small bowl of spring water

Light the candle.

Place the leaves in the bowl of water and allow them to soak.

Repeat the following words:

As the circle of life springs forth from the Earth and returns to be born once again, so let the circle of life surround this family.

One at a time, remove a leaf from the water, roll it up and stick a pin through it so as to keep it rolled. As you insert each pin, repeat the following words:

Enter (name of a family member) into the circle

Repeat this process until all leaves have been used and/or all family members have been named. Next, place the rolled up leaves around the base of the candle to form a circle. If there are only two members of the family, place both to the right of the candle.

Repeat the following words:

Protect this family

Immediately extinguish the candle. Do not touch the leaves until the candle has cooled. Once the candle has cooled, place one of the leaves under each of the family member's beds.

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