Karanina's Book of Spells - 2nd Edition

Karanina's Book of Spells —
New and revised second edition

After three years of waiting, the newly revised and updated version of Karanina's Book of Spells has finally been released in its latest downloadable format. Three years ago we released Karanina's Book of Spells to the world and promised to work on a new and updated version. Well, now its finally finished and available.

The three year wait has ended!

Karanina's Book of Spells - Second Edition Just Released!

Revised & Updated!

Instantly Available in PDF Format!

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For only $6.99 — LESS THAN 30 CENTS PER SPELL — you can own a copy of this special collection of rare magic protection spells today!

Karanina's New & Revised Book of Magic Spells, Second Edition, is a compilation of spells gathered from the four corners of the globe.

From the large volume of her writings, Karanina, not far prior to her death, eventually chose 27 spells that she felt were, not only the most effective on their own, but also the most compatible, inter-related and extremely powerful when used in unison.

Karanina believed that all 27 of these spells had originated from a single source and could be used singly or in conjunction with each other.

Karanina died in 1982 but her wealth of magic lives on. Karanina's Book of Spells contains the magical spells of her carefully chosen string. These are the best, heretofore unknown, "Deep Magic" spells ever assembled in one small book.

User comments:

"This is really one of the best collections ever . . . Karanina wrote her spells in such a logical and easy to follow fashion just about anyone from Neophyte to Adept can follow these. I particularly like the wide variety and the subtle way they all connect, it took me a while to see the connection, but once you see it you can't ignore it. Really the best!"     K. R. Humphrey

"I can't say enough about Karanina's Book of Spells! This book has it all--best collection I've ever seen. I worked my first spell from the book the same day I got it in the mail--I just couldn't resist! I really hate Karanina is no longer with us, the magic community really lost a great member . . ."     Becky K.

"This is the first book of spells I ever bought and I've bought quite a few since, but nothing can come close to Karania's BOS. All the other books I've bought are either silly little "kitchen" spells or spells so difficult to understand that nobody would ever be able to work them. Karanina's has it all--it's the one I always go back to . . ."     Ted I.

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