Rare Celtic Symbols - Meanings and Mysteries - Part 3

The following Rare 15th Century Celtic Symbols embody the mysteries of the Celts and their Druid priests. They are symbols of the ancient Celts accompanied by excerpts from texts concerned with cataloging the mysteries of the Celts and Druids. They are accurate color enhanced reproductions of originals as contained in historical documents and most are highly-stylized renderings of characters from the ancient Celtic alphabet. These symbols and sigils are provided not only for the pleasure and education of our visitors, but also — and most importantly — as links to the magical heritage of our world.

Ancient Celtic Philosophy

Rare Old Celtic Symbol ImageThe second division was that the Bard Beirdd. Its members were dressed in blue, representing harmony and truth, and that they belong to the work of remembrance, at least in part twenty thousand verses of Druidic sacred poetry. They were often photographed with the primitive British or Irish harp - an instrument hooked up with the hair, and as many strings as the ribs on one side of the body. These poets are often selected teacher candidates seeking access to the Druidic mysteries. Neophytes wearing striped cloaks of blue, green and white colors within the three sacred Druidic Orders.

The third area is a Druid Derwyddon. Their work was particularly to meet the religious needs of people. In order to attain this dignified candidate must first become a Bard Braint. Druids always dressed in white - a symbol of purity and the color used to symbolize the sun.

To reach an elevated position Arch-Druid, or spiritual leader of the organization, it was necessary for the priest through the six successive degrees Druidic Order. Members of different degrees separated the colors of webbing for all those dressed in white robes. Some people think that the title of Arch-Druid was hereditary, descending from father to son, but it is more likely, and the honor was awarded to vote in elections. Its recipient was chosen for his virtues and integrity of the most educated in the upper grades druid.

Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image Rare Old Celtic Symbol Image

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