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Witchcraft and Magic

Welcome to Spelwerx, the greatest web resource for free magic spells, love spells, symbols, witchcraft, Wiccan, and pagan beliefs, practices, and information—where magic spells and witchcraft top our list of the things we love. Here you will find spell books filled with magic symbols of power, protection spells and magick pagan rituals. We also have an ever-growing collection of new spells for the practice of Wicca and revised copies of many rare and secret spell books of black magic and white magick. Our astrology section includes daily horoscopes and in-depth information about all of the zodiac signs. So, whether you're here just for our earth-friendly atmosphere or if you've come looking for ancient potent invocations and ancient Celtic rituals, you're sure to find something you like here at Spelwerx.

picture of old books of magicSpelwerx is the world's free premier resource for real magic spells, incantations, and symbols and contains a tremendous amount of material concerning the practices of Wicca, witchcraft, and other black and white magic arts. In addition, Spelwerx also has areas that deal with astrology, the zodiac, the tarot, the Ouija board, magical alphabets, magical symbols, Celtic symbols, and many other subjects that person interested in the dark arts might enjoy. Some of our most popular areas are:

An Introduction to Magick

picture of an open door to magicWe offer a comprehensive and highly informative overview of magick and its associated arts and practices for interested parties at all levels of knowledge and skill. The information we provide first helps one to build a solid foundation of knowledge, but then goes on to construct upon that foundation an ever-growing pyramid of magical expertise. We strongly recommend that all practitioners take advantage of this resource to increase their performance levels and abilities.

Magic Spells, Conjurations, and Invocations

picture of a mortar and pestleOur massive collections of magic spells and incantations, along with our compilations of occult conjurations, invocations, and rituals provide not only an impressive resource for the seasoned practitioner, but also an exciting learning opportunity for the novice. Our collections of magic spells cover a broad spectrum of subjects and include highly focused sections of interest for those looking to accomplish very specific goals. Again, the areas are large and spread across the website, but we are constantly trying to do a better job of cataloging them and making them easier to locate and access. If there's something specific that you are looking for and are unable to find it, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Love Spells

picture of two turtle dovesWe have the world's greatest collection of real, fast, easy, potent love spells for getting and keeping the love of your life. This includes many Wicca and Wiccan Magick based spells and incantations that are very popular areas on our site and to which we have devoted a lot of space. Some of the latest spell collection additions are specially designed to be not only fast to cast but speedy as well in achieving results. Many of the free magic love spells and incantations in general are effective in 24 hours or less and some work as fast as within 1 minute to immediately. Please refer to the menu for your particular areas of interest.

The History of Magic

picture of the execution of an accused witchMagic has a proud, but battered history. Much of the information previously available regarding the origins and spread of magic and magical thought and practices had been badly twisted and rewritten to suit the purposes of magic's enemies—which have been many. The extensive persecution and murder of magic's proponents down through the centuries has been locked away or at least swept under the rug, so to speak, to avoid embarrassment or repercussion being heaped upon or brought down upon its perpetrators. We have attempted to make broad inroads into unmasking those who have wrought such evil upon our ancestors and predecessors. And within this website you will find interesting and disturbing information detailing the many crimes committed over hundreds and thousands of years of mistreatment due not just to ignorance, but frequently prejudice and outright hatred. We hope you will find this information enlightening.

Occult Knowledge

an image of an alchemist with some of his toolsHumans have been interested the occult from ancient times until today. Some of the most common occult practices are astrology, divination, consulting familiar spirits, necromancy, witchcraft, Wicca, wizardry, black magic, ritual magic, fortune-telling, consulting Ouija boards, reading Tarot cards, spiritism, parapsychology, and Satanism.

A quest for personal power is usually at the root of occult practices that typically incorporate secret knowledge and involve practices that deal with supernatural or psychic phenomena and demons and an assortment spirits are frequently entreated for success. There is a wide variety of occult arts, some well-known, while others less. Here's a list of some of the more common disciplines and the names often applied to them:

Astrology, Zodiac Signs & the Horoscope

image of the astrological wheel of the yearWe have loads of valuable information on the horoscope, achieved through the employment of astrology and the signs of the zodiac, including in-depth information on all twelve of the zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These areas have just recently been greatly expanded to incorporate deeper levels of astrological tools such as compatibility charts and lists of astrological correspondences for quick cross-referencing when working on horoscopes and charts. We are continuing to work on adding to these areas and hope to have even more unique information available soon.

Magic Alphabets

image of magic alphabetsThere are many alphabets in the world and many of them can be, and often are, used for magical purposes. Magic alphabets are used as the text of the spell and the letters are also used as components. This creates a natural circle of incorporation for the alphabets. Magic alphabets create language that represents supernatural concepts, intents, and forces without actually being those things. Likewise, we use our conventional alphabets today to symbolize our spoken language. The nine most popular magic alphabets, and hence most often used, are:

Magic Correspondences

magic correspondencesMagic correspondences are typically compiled into an esoteric table that lists the magical, supernatural, or occult connections between the items being indexed. Such tables provide reference tools when casting spells and performing rituals. A table can be as simple as a list of colors and their associated magical properties or something more complex, such as alchemical or symbolic formulae used to influence or manipulate plants, animals, people, environments or spirits. A belief that seemingly unconnected items share some sort of mystical connection is common to most cultures. Tables of correspondences can be found in writings of all sorts. For instance, The First Book of Enoch lists fallen angels and their spheres of influence, and Medieval grimoires usually contained tables of correspondences. Renaissance writer, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, published what he called the Three Books of Occult Philosophy in 1531 CE, which contained numerous lists of correspondences, and Francis Barrett wrote "The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer" in 1801 CE, in which Barrett provided many of Agrippa's tables of correspondences. We have comprehensive areas covering the major categories of magic correspondences. The major categories of magic correspondences are:

Sabbats, Holidays, and Festivals

the wheel of the year for the northern hemisphereThe festivals—Sabbats and Holidays—of the witches' Wheel of the Year are named after natural cyclical events observed by the ancient Celtic and Germanic peoples. However, for the most part the practices and meanings have changed significantly, due in part to the influence of late eighteenth century romanticism, but altered primarily through the introduction of Wiccan inventions.

The Wheel of the Year was unknown prior to the advent of Wicca. In 1958 members of what was called the Bricket Wood Coven added the solstices and equinoxes to their simple calendar of cross-quarter days and thereby increased the number and frequency of celebrations. Gerald Gardner, who was the coven's high priest at the time, was happy with this addition to the calendar as in his opinion it served to bring them into closer akignment with the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, a style of Neo-druidism that had been invented and promoted by his good friend, Ross Nichols.

No records exist of anyone, anywhere, ever celebrating all of the eight festivals, prior to the invention of Wicca, but here are the eight Sabbats (Seasons of the Witch):

  1. Samhain - Samhain (OCT-31)
  2. Yule - Winter Solstice (±DEC-21) - Alban Arthan, Saturnalia, Yule, Christmas
  3. Imbolc - Imbolc (JAN-31 to FEB-02) - Bride's day, Candlemas Day, Groundhog Day
  4. Ostara - Vernal Equinox (±MAR-21) - Alban Eilir, Eostar, Eostre, Lady Day, Ostara
  5. Beltaine - Beltane (APR-30)
  6. Midsummer - Summer Solstice (±JUN-21) - Alban Hefin, Gathering Day, Midsummer, Vestalia
  7. Lughnasadh - Lammas (AUG-1)
  8. Mabon - Fall Equinox (±SEP-21) - Alban Elfed, Mabon, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home

Books, Texts, and Writings of Magic

old manuscriptWe have access to the web's largest variety of rare and secret magic spell books, collections, and manuscripts and have made many of the previously secret writings available to the public, including spell books and collections of witchcraft and Wiccan magick, real classic spell books of white and black magic, and many other witch spell books for the practice of the dark arts that had been hidden away or lost for centuries. We also link to a lot of treasuries of information in these areas and provide free access to our visitors. The Rare Book and Manuscript area is under constant revision and expansion, so please check back often for new and exciting information!

Black Magic and Dark Magic

Dark Magic spells and Black Magic spells and invocations are primarily used for revenge and retribution in the practice of Witchcraft.

When casting a Dark Magic spell it is recommended that the witch:

  1. Dress in black.
  2. Cast the spell or perform the ritual in a cemetery on the night of a full moon, if appropriate.
  3. Use only natural, beeswax candles.

black magic ritualFurthermore, it's important to remember that the success of many such spells is dependent more on the emotion and energy of the worker driving the spell than the actual skills involved in its casting.

Dark magic spells can be dangerous because of the mental, psychological, or emotional condition of the worker. People who seek out and cast dark magic spells may be emotionally or physically distressed—their thinking may be clouded or skewed and their judgment severely impaired.

Magic Symbols and Objects

magic symbolsSpelwerx is your ultimate guide to the Symbols, Sigils, and the Symbolism of Magic used in magick spells (another common spelling), Black Magic, and all things truly magical. Our primary focus is on Wicca, Wiccan Magick, Traditional Witchcraft and Black Magic, but we also are interested in further investigating the influential roots of New Age and Wicca which were supposedly founded on ancient magic and spells. We strive to provide you with the latest, most reliable information available on the Web today and we have tons of magic symbols, sigils, and signs available, along with Celtic knots, Celtic symbols and meanings, witchcraft symbols, ancient symbols, Irish symbols, Irish symbols and meanings, Celtic knots, gothic letters, the gothic alphabet and gothic symbols. Included in this area are also all of the most well-known alphabets used in magic incantations and rituals.

Magic symbols and sigils play a prominent role in the practice of magic. Our Book of Shadows contains hundreds of unique symbols and our symbol and sigil areas include a wide variety of magical symbols from various geographical, ethnic, and cultural sources. Most of the symbol, sign, and sigil areas are still under renovation and construction, so if you don't find what you're looking for, please drop us a line and let us know so that we can work on adding the information or image to our collection.


Witchcraft is the ancient art of tapping into and employing natural and supernatural powers to manipulate one's environment. A witch is simply a practitioner of witchcraft.

an image of witchcraft in the minds of the ignorant and predjudicedWe think it's important to bear in mind when thinking of witchcraft and the role of the witch, that even scientists and medical practitioners can be considered as witches under witchcraft's widely accepted definition—and they have been, for centuries. In fact, many such persons have been persecuted, even killed, over just such practices.

Here at Spelwerx, one of our main goals is to present witchcraft in a realistic light and hopefully dispel some of the false impressions that still exist due to ignorance or bias. We are working hard to do that.

Spelwerx was designed for all levels of practitioners of witchcraft and the use of black and white magic spells, from the Novice to the Adept. With that in mind, we are responsive to your needs, and with the passing of time, this site will grow with you, as we continue on our never-ending journey to greater enlightenment and higher levels of skill.


triple goddess symbolWicca has become a worldwide phenomenon. It was invented in 1954 by retired British civil servant Gerald Gardner after the British Witchcraft Act was repealed. Gardner claimed to have based his creation of Wicca on an ancient European pre-Christian form of Paganism that had existed, albeit hidden from the eyes of the general population, for centuries. Garner liked to refer to Wicca as the "Old Religion".

Numerous Wiccan traditions have evolved from the original form established by Gardner, with each having distinctive beliefs, rituals, and practices. Until fairly recently, Wicca had remained a secretive practice that required its members to be initiated, but over the last few decades Wicca has become something of a New Age fad and folks of all stripes and persuasions have claimed it as their own. Many Wiccans do not believe that any strictly established set of beliefs or traditional initiation is necessary to practice Wicca and this has served to really open up the practice to a wide body of proponents. ReligiousTolerance.org has attempted to estimate the number of followers in the United States alone and has arrived at the following estimation: "We conclude that the best estimate we can make, based on inadequate hard data, is that the number of Wiccan adults in the U.S. had increased from, 602,000 in 2008 to two million by the end of 2015. If one were to include teens, which religious surveys generally don't, we estimate over three million Wiccan practitioners were active in the U.S. by the start of 2017."


an old image of witches and devils dancing in a circleMusic has become a large and exciting area of interest and practice in both witchcraft and Wicca over the past 30 years or so. What is particularly interesting is the scope of backgrounds from which the music has come and how this continues to grow. Music aimed at supernatural and hyper-spiritual influences has truly become a massive force in the genres. Here at Spelwerx we have done quite a bit of research into its uses and effects and have found it to be helpful to the practices in a variety of ways. Therefore, we have opened up new areas to the public where we will be able to share recommended resources with our visitors. We hope you will find these helpful and entertaining.

Research Areas

The Crew at Spelwerx spend a lot of time traveling, discovering, and researching old and new sources of occult and magic information. We are constantly coming across new and exciting resources and we make them available as quickly as we can. Verification of the sources and resources is usually the most time-consuming part of the process and we try to get things done as quickly as we can, but frankly, it frequently takes a long time to complete the process.

UPDATE: Spelwerx is currently researching and expanding the following areas:

The Pagan Path

Follow the Pagan Path—the universe can be yours through the personal values of the pagan path, the acceptance of the Wiccan creed, and the power of witchcraft, magic, and incantations.