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About Us - The Crew at Spelwerx

The Crew at Spelwerx has been together for well over 20 years. We came together as a group of friends with a shared interest in investigating what makes the world go round and we've been spinning with it ever since.

Our team is comprised of six women and four men, from various backgrounds and cultures, close in age, and united in purpose. Together we have investigated just about every aspect, nook and cranny of the spiritual underworld and occult. We have literally traveled around the world multiple times in search of answers to questions concerning the mysteries of our world and whatever lies beyond. Often times we have faced grave dangers and endured harassment and persecution while in pursuit of the truth, but we have never allowed ourselves to become dismayed or disillusioned.

The Crew at Spelwerx - As a Group

As a group we work together in our offices located in one of the major cities in the United States. Once, for a short while, we actually revealed our location. However, due to the harassment and threats against us, we wound up having to move our location and have never again revealed our address. It's amazing how much some people can hate others over differences of opinions.

We each have a small, individual office, but in practice, we spend most of our time together in a large conference room, working on laptops and phones. There are a couple of us that do most of the necessary traveling, as we have never had the good fortune of settling down with a family. In all honesty, it's little wonder, considering the lives we lead.

The Crew as Individuals

As individuals, as mentioned earlier, we come from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with varying degrees of formal education, spiritual influences, and so on. Most of the team are either married or have partners, along with kids and dogs and mortgages, and stuff. Each of us brings something unique to the table though and each of us contributes more than his or her fair share to the operation. We all have day jobs and all of our Crew activities happen in the evenings.

We may be crazy, but we are committed. Or maybe we need to be committed because we're all so crazy—sometimes it's hard to tell which might be most sensible. But seriously, we have true passion for what we do. And we love sharing what we find.

We thank you all for the time and interest you have invested in our escapades and look forward to the sharing the years ahead together.

Best wishes to everyone,

The Crew at Spelwerx