Down through history, beginning with the cave dwellers, humans have protected themselves by the use of amulets--objects imbued with mysterious and magickal powers. Ancient civilizations were quick to realize the importance of their needs and the power that the forces of good and evil held over them. Prayers, offerings and sacrifices were offered to the good spirits to grant blessings and provide their needs and amulets were employed to stop the evil spirits from taking them away. Amulets with inscriptions are sometimes referred to as charms. An amulet is worn on the body, usually around the neck, but some amulets guard homes, tombs and buildings. In Witchcraft, the most powerful amulet is the Silver Pentacle, the symbol of The Craft. There is a difference between a pentacle and a pentagram. The pentagram is simply a five-pointed star. A pentacle is a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle.

In magick, a talisman or amulet can be any object that was designed with determined intention, for a designated person or oneself. Talismans and amulets are most usually employed for various achievements of desires. The talisman is a condenser of the human power aura, in fluid, sidereal time. The talismans of protection act by themselves, but in action must be supported and directed by the will of the worker. Certain talismans and amulets are sometimes sufficient to modify a destiny in the direction for which they were conceived. The realization of the strength of a talisman or amulet always rests on the formation of ideas; favorable forms allowing the thought forces which will carry in them all the chances of success. A talisman must be charged under optimum conditions and in agreement with astrology to become a magic object and to carry out the wishes while carrying within all the chances of success. Talismans and amulets have always been used for various reasons, from the most primitive to the most civilized. Their origin can be of vegetable, animal or mineral, and can be carried or kept at home.