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Witch Hunts - Atrocities Timeline

witch hunts atrocities timeline Atrocities against witches and other practitioners of the pagan arts, including many simply accused of being witches, were horrendously abundant beginning back as far as 672 C.E. and continuing right up until today in many countries around the world. Literally millions of people have suffered and died because of unfounded superstitious fear and prejudice. The following pages and links are in memory of their anguish and a reminder of the world's terrible loss.

The following pages follow a condensed and nowhere-near-complete timeline of the atrocities wrought upon innocent people who were suspected and accused of witchcraft and sorcery during the period from 672 C.E. to the present. Bear in mind this list only scratches the surface and that even today, there are atrocities being wrought upon those suspected of witchcraft and associated practices.

Many modern-day societies that still maintain strong beliefs in magic and spiritual interaction with the physical world still experience witch hysterias and engage in the hunting of people believed to be witches. Often the accused are lynched, but fatal beatings, drowning's, and even death by fire are tools of the hunters for eradicating what they superstitiously fear. Such atrocities still occur with some regularity in much of Sub-Saharan Africa, rural parts of Northern India, Papua New Guinea, and Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world where witchcraft remains legally punishable by death.