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Banish Debt Spell

Here's a Banish Debt Spell designed to lift financial burdens and bring fast relief to those buried under an ever-growing mountain of debt. Banish Debt Spells, miraculous promises of banishing debt spells fill the web and draw the financially burdened ever nearer the brink of ruin. Special formulas are guaranteed by their purveyors to ease the misery of the credit crunch. The innocent visitor is told that it doesn't matter if the debt is credit card debt, bank loans, student loans, car loans, mortgages, refinances, foreclosure sales, or personal loans, the "magical forces" of the spell will free you from your cares and woes.

Unfortunately, no spell can be "guaranteed." That's the first sign of an empty promise. There are no spells that can "ensure" anything, especially when it comes to important matters like health and money. No spell can definitely help you regain control over your finances or take you back to a "clean slate." Banishing Debt Spells cannot guarantee to help ensure your mental peace nor your financial security.

If you would like to try a Banish Debt Spell, in the hope that it will help, we'll give you one for free. In addition to it being free, we'll go even one step further and GUARANTEE that this spell is the most powerful of it's kind. If it doesn't work, you can rest assured, no other spell will. If this spell fails, save your money and put it toward your bills.

This spell should be worked on a full moon.

Using a beeswax or tallow candle, light the candle several minutes (5 or so) before midnight. Allow the flame of the candle to burn fully (about 1 minute or so) before you begin.

Turn you back to the candle and repeat the following words:

Mother moon lift my burden,
Ease my debts, decrease my load,
Let your light ease the darkness,
And carry my worries away.

Turn around and face the candle. Using both hands, lift the candle to the moon, and say the following words:

Mother moon wrap your arms,
Around me, bring me peace,
Soothe my mind and cradle my heart,
Spirit my sadness away.

Extinguish the candle, wrap it in plain brown paper, and store it under your bed.

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