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Bay Leaf Spells

Bay Leaf Spells

Bay Leaf Spells incorporate bay leaves into their magic recipes. Bay leaves have long been used for warding off evil and carried in Mojo bags to stop unwanted interference from people. Bay leaves are also commonly used as a defense against hexes and jinxes simply by placing them around the inside or even outside of one's home.

Bay leaves may also be brewed and the resulting "tea" incorporated into various washes for cleansing and protective purposes. Bay leaves can be used in a bunch for sprinkling water, they can be burned like incense, or even written on -- once dry -- and used in spells. Freshly dried bay leaves smell best, but are no more effective than the older ones. Fresh bay leaves are pliable and can be used to wrap around something like a scroll or a stick, but are more difficult to burn. Bay leaves have a multitude of uses, the important thing is to use them in a way fitting for the intended result.

Bay Leaf Spells

Here's a couple of good bay leaf spells that are perfect for making your dreams come true:

Bay Leaf Wishing Spell

Items needed:

On the night of a full moon, write your wish on the bay leaf while standing in the light of the moon. Once you have written your wish, speak these words aloud:

Full moon, cool moon,
Bring that which I ask,
Cool moon, full moon,
This shall be thy task.

Wrap the leaf in plain brown paper and sleep with the under your pillow until your wish comes true.

Bay Leaf Wish Granting Spell

Items needed:

Three bay leaves
Plain brown paper
A felt-tipped pen (any color ink)
A waxing moon

On the cusp of a waxing moon, write a wish on a piece of the plain brown paper.

Stand facing the moon and, holding the paper in your hands, visualize your wish coming true.

Next, place the three bay leaves on the piece of paper and then fold the paper around the leaves to form a nice, neat packet.

Place the packet near or under your bed and lay a coin (any denomination) on top of it. Do not disturb the packet.

Wait for your wish to come true.

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