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Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are an endless variety of knots and the stylized charts of the knots used for decoration, adopted by ancient Celts. Although Celtic knots were created in Celtic times of Polytheistic beliefs, these knots are more known for their adaptation for the use in the ornament of the monuments and the Christian manuscripts as the eighth century Book of Kells.

Celtic Knot History

Little history of the knots is available before the beginning of the Christian influence on Celts in approximately 450 C.E. There is much obviously for the use of the geometrical models as ornament in particular in jewels before which time. Some historians theorized that the Celtic religion early prevented their creatures of description normally. The same designs of pre-Christian succeeded in penetrating the their manuscripts and the drawing-model Christians early with the addition of descriptions of the life, such as animals, factories and even of the human ones. In the beginning the models were the interlaced cords complex, called the braids, which can also be found in other areas of Europe, like Italy at the sixth century. A fragment of a book of Gospel, maintaining in the library of cathedral of Durham and created in Scandinavian Great Britain at the seventh century, earliest contains the example of the true designs tied in the Celtic way. The examples of the plaitwork antedate designs of knotwork in several cultures around the world, but the broken and replugged plaitwork which is characteristic of the true knotwork started in Scandinavian Italy and Gallic Southerner and diffusion in Ireland with the seventh century. The model is most generally associated the Celtic grounds but it was also practiced intensively in England and was exported in Europe by monastic activities of Irishman and Northumbrian on the continent. In modern times Celtic art is popularly considered in terms of the national identity and thus specifically Irish, Scottish, or the Welsh.

Celtic Knots
Celtic Knot Diamond
Celtic Knot Serpent
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