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Skull Magic - Charge of the Skull Spirit

skull pentagramThe charge of the skull Spirit is a powerful center of cosmic energy. The skull is also seen as transcendent, or above and about the universe, like the traditional idea of the skull spirit produced in a cloud, down and assesses creation! And while congenital if manifested in a physical object, flower, stone, animal or human, the two approaches are complementary and not contradictory. Some witches scalp feeling that is the end of an experiment, the energy that is about the definition in a more conventional spiritual context, standardize, and therefore is artificial and restrictive.

If you have used it before, the witch skull, you can try through meditation, to see whether it is right for you.

The first and most popular version of the end of the skull Spirit created by Gerald Gardener Priestess Doreen Valiente, himself one of the most important persons in the formal magical traditions. The adoption of the Declaration of Principles of Skull union spirit is widely quoted and often memorized and sometimes adopted as a focus for the work of trance.

However, some witches' skulls have so lonely and those in less formal groups, their own fees and they can change as to increase their confidence and experience Skull Magic. You can do your own cost at the beginning of certain rituals, or use an existing build, even though they know the Spirit as the central skull own spirituality.

You can see the divine power as an abstract source of light and wisdom, but it may be useful to a woman, while the male animal animus embodied form. Although Valiente included costs for the names of the gods of men and women due if you mean something to you, you will be able to exclude them or to names for you personally.

You may participate in the beginning, when the witch shows some skull, mind and soul is to work together for the skull and Magic from different cultures that emphasized supernatural forces and properties of sulfur. However, your own list, from the mythology, or perhaps your background may be considered to work better for you. The following is a version of the witch's skull have been developed, with three skull print Spirit of the Celtic tradition, my darling, the witch has the skull for the three phases of the skull, Spirit has been adjusted.

Thus spoke the Great Mother has known in many forms and many names in countless ages, but is and will always be the same. When the girl is to restore the Celtic Brigadier who hid in the spring softens the earth with the white wand of fire, and then wakes up in the spring and the fertility of the land and its people. As a mother, Meriden is magic cauldron, his wisdom and inspiration for all overflows, and we must ask ourselves looking; Ultimately, this is Cadillac, the Veiled One, wise woman, healer and bringer of dreams, in the winter transforms the life of the old threadbare and new life to be born with the maiden in the spring.

When the moon is full, you can call on me, bear Skull mind, mother, sister, friend, daughter and grandmother all times and all places, a playground for the witch skull love and abundance. Can you also hope that you grow to the moon and your concerns about the decline of the witch, skull, I'm with you on all levels and conditions, if you call if you remain silent when I turn, like a child and when ready They cry lonely tears on your pillow when your dreams dissolved into ashes.

The witch skull is the key to the mysteries of existence and the universe, but this witch skull will share with all who come with open hearts and minds, ready to go. For it is not hidden from you, but you are totally in every season committed the witch on the skull of the moon when through the sky, in the fertile soils and waters, the Witch Skull's strong as the witch in the skull, and you from me and you and we from the same divine substance as the moon and the fertile soil and water, stars, sun and life-giving rain.

Not require the head witch, sacrifice or worship, the head witch in love come to you as a gentle mother, with compassion, understanding and forgiveness of things in your heart that seek the fear itself. The Witch of the skull is hard to defend my young and green my home and all the creatures that will harm them, but the witch skull, rather than revenge will teach, restoration and renewal.

The witch skull is a great healer of sorrow, pain, loss and doubt. Thanks to me, and herbs, oils, crystals and my holy water, spread my wisdom therapy.

When the witch to give head, life, death, so that everyone's back, then it can renew and revitalize. The witch skull was with you at the beginning and will be with you at the end.

If you with honor love, humility and the highest good, then you can realize your own divinity and light scattering, and the fertility of the whole earth. For what you give, the head witch will give you back three times and more time in the shortest possible time and in eternity.

If you work in a team, you can recite all the different parts of the charge, but best of all, through meditation, you work alone or as a group can create your own. If you are a solitary witch, skull, you can read or recite your cargo in a candle flame or a wild, open space, and feel the effects loud and on the inside. You can also use it in front of divination or as a prelude to a ceremony for healing and greater understanding.

Meditation can be of five minutes to half an hour or more. In this initial phase, so that your soul for you as a leader when has the experience. If the other team members to continue their work, this is a sign that the experience was deeper. You sit or lie quietly; enjoying the silence and let the images of meditation you can develop quite spontaneously.

When you work with a group, stay in the circle and give a bowl or cup of pure water. If you order in the house with candles, the candles, the reflection on the water. As anyone who looks into the water, can contribute to a series of pictures of what the skull, the mind is to be stimulated by the meditation. There is no need to use a bowl with water, but it is a way of driving home image abroad finds expression. Some people prefer to pass through an uncut crystal ball or a large piece of crystal. The crystal is useful when you retrieve it difficult, the images from the meditation or meditation, you will find counterproductive, such as live-action provides a direct route to your unconscious wisdom.

After your meditation, if you work alone, a clear bowl of water with white candles, candle, look at this, they begin to speak. You can hear your words on the tape recording to be easier to remember. If you do not consciously trying to make poetic expressions, a deep, rich poetry and images will appear almost from other countries. This is speaking of the collective wisdom of the deep basins.

If you are in a group, these images can determine your scribe as a collective burden may change over the month. Working on your fee can foster a successful business every six weeks or so, and to reflect the conscience of the group.

Copy a version of the fee to your Book of Shadows you. It is easy to read, if you afraid to feel alone, or at any time if you do not magically work.

For some witch skull, the fee is less important, but the witch skull believe that the man or the polarization energy is an integral part not only of the cycling season of the year, but the human experience, whether you work alone or as part of a Coven. There is a witch skull found it useful, but you can create your own mind through meditation skull of mind shows a skull shape seems to be of interest to you. Again, the witch skull shapes used Celtic Spirit:

These are the words of his father, the son and wife of the Great Mother, who was once born, the universe from the body, laughter and tears from the fertile and increasingly lap.

The skull is a witch, a wild untamed power of the hunt, the animals made of stone and wood, food, shelter and protection to people of all races, religions and races makes available. the witch on the skull Kernunnos, Petre Lord of the winter, ready to be a master of the animal and the owner of the corn, the supply witch skull, sacrifice for the country and its people, as king of the dark places under the floor, nursing his mother's lap, like all creatures that have entered the soft earth, the witch skull to grow again strong, but sleep never touched until the skull belongs to the witch's reputation during the darkest and coldest time to laugh again as a radiant son; this time to pay the head witch's promise that Sun does not die, but spins the wheel with a bright day and the promise of spring in the middle of the winter balance is reoccupied.

The witch skull brings power, strength, courage and kindness to defend the weak and vulnerable, and enter the blood of my life to keep what he earns, is a fair and beautiful. Mine is not the way of convenience, but of ecstasy in the woods where the wild instincts arc only to natural law and natural justice, as the fruit of the holy vine, Lord of the Dance, the young gentlemen of the old block; As King Barley can be dancing and laughing and singing Witch Skull spirit never broken, bring the effectiveness of the life force coursing through my loins to growth and wealth, as the fields and animals and humans is fruitful in the sacred link below to Bowers and flowering trees.

Birth followed by death after a lack of fullness, followed by the creation of necessary destruction, and so renewed, the witch skull on the sanctity of life, all ruled by the highest of the intentions and humility in the hour of my greatest triumphs required.

Skull Magic Spells, Rites, and Passages: