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Ancient Conjurations and Invocations - Magic Spells and Rituals

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations is a collection of 22 spells for contacting and communicating with the other side. The spells, conjurations, and invocations contained in the book of shadows are not recommended for the inexperienced practitioner or witch. These magic spells, conjurations, invocations, and rituals are updated versions of invocations, conjurations, and rituals used in antiquity. Great care has been taken to retain the original intent and cadence of the language used when these spells were originally written. These spells are provided as CURIOS ONLY for personal entertainment.

Absolute control, based on knowledge and experience, is of the utmost importance when conjuring-up or communicating with spirits. The conjurations and invocations contained in this book are recommended for experienced practitioners only and the publisher and distributor of this collection or any of its parts shall be held harmless against and free from all liabilities. The purchaser, user, owner or holder of this collection, by their possession of it in whole or in part, shall stand noticed and agree that they are solely liable for their actions and the outcomes.

Ancient Conjurations and Invocations:

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