For Protection Against Evil

A spell of protection against all forms of evil. It is particularly useful for those who seek to defend themselves from evil magical attacks.

You will need:

  • Three fresh oak (any kind of oak) twigs approximately 7 inches long
  • A seven inch long piece of twine
  • Three cloves of fresh garlic
  • A bowl containing three cups of fresh rainwater

Place the bowl of water on a flat surface, such as a tabletop.

Rub each twig with a new clove of fresh garlic and drop each twig and the used garlic clove in the bowl of water as you finish each one.

Allow the twigs and garlic to remain in the bowl of water for three minutes, and then remove the twigs from the water, but leave the garlic in the water.


Lay the three twigs on the table to form a triangle. Speak aloud the following words:

Form a shield against all evil,
Send all evil far from here,
Guard this place and use your might,
To let pass only good and right.

Pick up the twigs and tie them into a bundle with the twine.


Place the bundle of twigs near the front door to provide a barrier against all evil powers.

Dispose of the water and used garlic.

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