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Air Four-Seven Spell

A flying spell that originated in the Dutch countryside, this is a simple, but ancient air spell for traveling, sending, and receiving thoughts and wishes.

You will need a feather; any feather will do.

Sit under a large tree, in a quiet spot, on the ground or in a chair; time of day is inconsequential.

Holding the feather with both hands, place your hands in your lap and cross your legs at your ankles. Relax and imagine you are a bird, that you were caught in a terrible rainstorm, and that you are now in a strong tree, sheltered from the storm, a place of quiet refuge. Imagine that you are waiting for the rain to stop so that you may continue with your flight. In your mind, you are planning your route and what you will carry with you. You are warm and peaceful.

Imagine that you, as the bird, are the feather. Holding the feather in your hands, you are now also providing the refuge. You are now the tree and the bird. Your thoughts are now in complete harmony and as the tree, the giver of shelter and protection, you are able to convey your wishes to the bird, the carrier of you and your thoughts and wishes.

In your mind, speak to the bird and convey exactly, in detail, what it is, exactly, where you want the bird to travel and what it is you wish the bird to carry. The bird will understand, as the bird is also you.

Once your wishes have been conveyed, take the feather to the tree and place it anywhere on the tree, as long as you place it above ground. In your mind, as the tree, wish the bird a successful flight.

Leave. Concern yourself no longer with the feather, it is but a feather left behind by the bird, the bird that carries your wishes, and is on its way.

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