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Arrogant Torrent Incantation

A Chinese incantation for bringing humility to either friend or foe.

You will need:

A small clay pot filled with dirt or sand roughly four inches deep
A small wooden stick, approximately four inches long
A small piece of silk, 3" x 3"
A pen or pencil
An incense cone of a bitter scent

To begin, place the incense cone in the center of the dirt or sand in the pot and light it.

Next, write the name of the person to whom you wish to bring humility on the piece of silk.

Take the piece of silk, with the person's name written on it, and wave it through the smoke of the incense. Take your time and saturate the silk with the bitter scent from the incense. This is very important.

Once you are satisfied that the silk is permeated with the bitter smoke, take your stick and push the burning incense cone down into the dirt or sand as deeply as you can. The incense will be extinguished and this is as it should be. Remove the stick.

Next, take the piece of silk and lay it, name down, on the dirt, centered over the hole that was created when you pushed the incense down into the dirt.

Take your stick and push the silk just slightly into the hole. Push it down just enough that the stick will stand on its own. Leave it just like that.

Every day, push the stick down into the hole just a little further. You will be forcing the silk into the hole deeper and deeper. Do not go too fast. Take your time and push the silk into the hole just a little further each day. When you reach the bottom the incantation is done.

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