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Attraction Luzian Spell

A romance attraction spell from southwestern France - used to lock-in a lover.

You will need:

A metal thimble
A beeswax candle
A strand of hair from the person you wish to attract and keep
A strand of your own hair

This spell must be worked on the night of a full moon only and preferably just before midnight.

Take both of the hairs and tie them in a knot. Wind them together and place them in the bottom of the thimble.

Light the candle and repeat the following invocation nine times—no more—no less:

Fire hot--bind the knot,
Melt two hearts and make them one,
If one should leave, we all shall grieve,
For them that parts--their life be done.

As you are repeating those words, fill the thimble with the melted wax dripping from the candle. Stop when the thimble is near full.

Extinguish the candle.

After the wax has cooled and hardened, hide the thimble in a safe, cool place. Never let the wax melt or the enchantment will be partially broken and serious problems may ensue. If this occurs, you must follow the directions below for breaking the spell. The hairs must be burned.

This is a simple but very powerful spell. If you should ever wish to break the bond, place the thimble in a pan of hot water. When the wax melts and the hairs are released, take the hairs from the water, let them dry and then burn them. This will completely break the spell.

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