The Attraction of a New Lover

To attract a new lover, one must begin with a thorough bathing and cleansing of the body after the midnight, but before the rising of the morning's sun.

Great care should be taken that this be done lest the spell fail.

At the dawn, having properly cleansed one's body, and whilst without having dressed, one need stand in the center of a well-lit room and face the south.

Repeat the following invocation, once in each direction, turning from south to west, then north and finally east:

I call to the Spirits of Attraction,
Leaders of the four and forty legions
Call up thine minions and order them down
That none should set against me this day or next
Bid them instead to draw
Bring to me my desires
Give up that which I wish
That no hand dare stop

When you have spoken this invocation in all four directions, going from south to west to north to east, remain facing to the east and repeat the following invocation:

Fair maiden queen of the power of the east
Hear mine words, for I bid thee no visit
Only that this thing be done

Immediately turn to face the south so that the spell might be cast and sealed.

The spell is done.

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