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Avoidance of 9s Spell

An avoidance spell from the Carpathian mountain region of Romania used to avoid danger, evil or being placed in an unfavorable situation.

You will need:

Nine dried apple seeds
A glass bottle
A two-foot length of any fresh vine
Spring water
A piece of parchment paper
A teaspoonful of wild honey

On the piece of parchment, write what it is you wish to avoid — be specific. Roll the paper and slip it into the bottle.

Drop the apple seeds into the bottle and drizzle the honey over them.

Fill the bottle with water.

Place the cut end of the vine into the bottle until it reaches the bottom. Take the rest of the vine and wind it around the bottle, securing it by intertwining it.

Place the bottle in a sunny spot. As long as the vine remains green, the spell will remain in force. When the vine turns brown, if the threat remains, the spell must be worked again and repeated as needed.

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