Invocation to Banish Inhibitions

An invocation to drive away the Spirits of Inhibition and seek a person whose heart and affection you wish to win by casting this spell.

At the rising of the sun, on the twelfth day of the month, a piece of clean, white, fine cloth should be laid flat upon a table. An equal mixture of thyme, rosemary and freshly ground ginger root should be spread over it, evenly distributed, but not too heavy.

The following invocation need be spoken aloud:

Spirit of the Rising Sun
Enter this place
Allow thy face to shine brightly upon this offering
That thy grace may be invoked.

The Spirit of Inhibition hath taken up residence in my mind
And apprehension has settled in not to be easily shaken loose
Spirit of the Rising Sun hear my plea
Let these spirits no more bother me
Banish them to darkness and bid them take leave.

Spirit of the Rising Sun fill the empty corners
That lo, they may not loiter and hide
Sweep the rooms with thine mighty hand
Force them outside.

Spirit of the Rising Sun
I invoke your power
That these things for which I ask
Be done
So it was, so it is, so it shall ever be.

When you have finished the invocation, carefully gather-up the cloth so as to not spill the mixture. Take the cloth full of mixture out of doors and shake it completely clean. The cloth should then be washed clean using soap and hot water.

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