A Spell for Beginnings

This spell is excellent for reinforcing new beginnings, such as a new job, new home, new love, etc.

It is also a very powerful spell, when worked in the early morning — right at sunrise, for good fortune.

You will need:

  • Seven seeds (any seeds will do, flower, vegetable, fruit, etc)
  • A small garden spade for digging a small hole
  • A candle (any color, but white or natural beeswax is best)
  • Three dried leaves from any plant
  • Three coarsely ground eggshells
  • A 7" x 7" piece of paper (notebook or typing paper is fine)
  • A seven inch length of natural twine (cotton, hemp, or sisal is good)

This spell is best worked at sunrise or shortly thereafter.

Light your candle and place it on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. Lay the piece of paper on the table. Draw the following symbol on the paper:

wise decisions

Place the seeds, leaves, and ground eggshells in the center of the paper.

Speak these words aloud:

Three times seven-twenty-one,
Let this spell come not undone,
With each start, a better way,

Fold the seeds, leaves, and eggshell in the paper, forming a small packet. Tie the packet securely with the twine. Extinguish the candle.

Find a quiet place in the yard or garden and with your garden spade, dig a small hole, roughly seven inches deep. Place the packet in the hole. Cover the packet with dirt and fill the hole. Do not remove the packet from the ground.

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