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An Invocation to Bind an Unknown Spirit

WHEN ye believe a spirit is lingering and causing mischief or bringing undue harm, they must be bound unto ye that thy word they shall follow and a dismissal they shall obey.

To accomplish this most easily a circle must be drawn on the ground and the following invocation must be recited:

I call upon Amaymon king of the east, Gorson king of the south, Zimimar king of the north, Goap king and prince of the west, that thee shall attend my words. An unknown liege is upon me and hath refused to take their proper leave. Go thee now Amaymon, Gorson, Zimmar and Goap unto Baell and plead my request that this unknown spirit be bound unto mine word and that no resting place may they take, not in the sun, the moon, the twelve signs, the clouds, the air, the sea, the man nor woman nor beast nor earth nor that from it. Let this unknown spirit be bound unto mine word that to ignore shall they suffer the punishment of pain and great suffering. I conjure and constrain the unknown spirit that now immediately thou be obedient unto me, at all times hereafter, and to those words of mine pronounced, according to thine oath and promise: else let the great curse of the great and eternal virtue of the highest, the anger of the great and eternal virtue of the highest, the shadow and darkness of everlasting condemnation be upon thee unknown spirit for ever and ever, and for thy great disobedience thou are worthy to be condemned.

Next, shall the Dismissal of the Spirit be spoken and the unknown spirit discharged to stand judgment for its disobedience.

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