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Bottle Protection Spell

A powerful and effective bottle magic spell for personal protection.

You will need:

One small beeswax candle
One small glass bottle with a stopper or lid
Several needles
Several small nails
A small amount of fresh earth
Spring Water
A pinch of salt

Light the candle.

Place in the bottle a small amount of fresh earth, the needles, the nails and the salt. Fill the bottle with water and repeat these words:

By this bottle which is mine, I prevent any evil that toward me comes. All the evil is in it locked, for such is my will.

Seal the bottle with the stopper and a little wax of the candle. Extinguish the candle.

Bury the bottle in the ground where no one will be able to find it. Leave the place without looking back. DO NOT LOOK BACK!

Avoid walking on the spot where the bottle is buried for the next seven days.

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