A Cleansing Spell

A powerful spell to wash away bad memories. It is particularly useful for those who seek new beginnings.

You will need:

  • A candle (any color, but white or natural beeswax is best)
  • Three bowls of fresh rainwater
  • A small stone from a river or stream
  • A 7" x 7" piece of white cloth

Fill each bowl half-full with rainwater.

Light the candle and place the bowls around it, as illustrated below:


Holding the stone in your left hand, bring to mind those memories you wish to be washed away. Still using your left hand, pass the stone through the candle's flame and speak aloud the following words:

Memories, please drift away,
Water — wash them clean.

Place the stone in one of the bowls and rub the stone, as if cleansing it, using only your left hand. Remove the stone and repeat the following words:

Memories, please drift away, Water — wash them clean.

Repeat this again in another bowl.

Finally, switch the stone to your right hand and repeat the ritual again in the last bowl, washing the stone and repeating the words. Continuing with your right hand, and still holding the stone, gently swirl the water in the bowl and drop the stone in the bowl. When the water stops moving, extinguish the candle, remove the stone from the bowl and place it on the white cloth, allowing it to air dry. Once thoroughly dry, the stone should be placed under your pillow while you sleep. Keep the stone under your pillow until the memories have sufficiently faded.

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