Conjuration 1

A conjuration used for contacting a helpful spirit. This should be performed with two other people.

In a darkened room, light three candles and place them, in the formation of a triangle, on a table in the center of the room. In the center of the triangle, a round bowl, filled nearly to the top with rainwater, should be placed. Each person should sit facing one of the candles.

Each person should then place two drops of Conjurer’s Oil into the bowl of water. When done, the person leading the conjuration should place one more drop of Conjurer’s Oil into the water. If you do not have Conjurer’s Oil available, skip this step.

Join hands and together, speak the following words aloud:

Helpful spirit, we summon thee.
Let thy presence be made manifest.
For a sign we ask, that thee shalt make our minds aware.
No harm shall thee do, but rather come in servitude,
That to our bidding thee shalt pay heed and none other.
Spirit come thee forth.

Continue repeating these words aloud until the helpful spirit makes its presence known. When it has revealed itself in some way, you may ask of it what you wish, but ask nothing evil or you may lose its favor and it may become angered.

When you are done, command the spirit to leave immediately. Extinguish the candles and dispose of the contents of the bowl.

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