Conjuration 2

A conjuration for summoning a spirit for answers. WARNING: This should be performed with two other people present at all times.

CAUTION: As it is unknown which spirit will answer your call, it is highly recommended that you enlist the aid of at least two assistant conjurers--in this type of situation, the more assistants the better. Take care to enlist only those who carry no ill intent as the presence of such an individual may at best cause your summoning to go unheeded, and at worst could cause serious problems.

Using consecrated rainwater or Divining Oil if you have some, draw upon the forehead of each individual present at the conjuration, a simple pentacle.

Darken the room and in its center, upon a table or stand, place a single lighted candle to act as a guiding beacon for the spirit. Join hands around the candle to form a circle.

IMPORTANT: All present should be instructed to not, under any circumstances, let go of hands while the spirit is present.

The head conjurer should summon the spirit as follows:

Unknown spirit we summon thee
Let thy presence be known
That thee our questions may entertain

The assistants should then say:

Spirit hear our call

This summoning should be repeated until the presence of the spirit is felt. When present, the spirit can be asked questions which it may choose to answer in any manner of its own choosing. When you are done, command the spirit to leave immediately. Let go of one another’s hands and extinguish the candle.

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