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The Conjuration of Balam for the discovery of things past...

BALAM is a great king of the order of dominations. He governs forty legions and speaks with a hoarse voice, but answers all things perfectly and honestly regarding the past.

Balam is a congenial spirit and easily managed if properly summoned.

A circle should be drawn according to form and the following invocation should be spoken aloud to conjure him up:

I conjure, charge, and command ye, and every of ye, Sirrael, Malanthan, Thamaor, Falaur, and Sitrami, ye infernal kings, to put into this circle the spirit Balam, learned and expert in those things past. I charge ye, ye noble kings, that the said spirit may teach, show, and declare unto me, and to my companions, at all hours and minutes, both night and day, the truth of all things, both bodily and ghostly, in this world, whatsoever I shall request or desire, declaring also to me my very name. And this I command in thy part to do, and to obey thereunto, as unto thy own lord and master.

When Balam's presence is felt or seen, all that ye ask he shall answer and if the thing ye ask he knoweth not, no reply shall come. All things answered and done, saith now the Dismissal of the Spirit unto Balam that he may depart in peace.

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