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The Conjuration of Bileth for the bidding of the conjurer...

BILETH is a great and terrible king and the ruler of eighty-five legions. A circle must be drawn upon the ground and the conjurer must not step in. When Bileth is called up by a conjurer, he will appear rough and furious, to deceive him.

And the conjurers must compose themselves and take heed to courage, and with a wand or branch of oak in hand, must reach out toward the east and south, and draw a triangle without besides yet intersecting the circle so that Bileth may when refusing to enter the circle, be drawn through the triangle and commanded into the circle that he may be suitably constrained. If Bileth the king be more stubborn, and refuse to enter into the circle through the triangle, and the conjurer shows fear, certainly Bileth will never fear nor regard him after. The following invocation need be spoken to invoke the presence of Bileth:

I conjure thee Bileth to appear, before the conjuration be read over four times, and that visible to appear, as the conjuration is written, and to give me good counsel at all times, and to come by those things hidden and secret, and all other things that is to do me pleasure, and to fulfill my will, without any deceit or tarrying; nor yet that thou shalt have any power of my body or soul, earthly or ghostly, nor yet to perish so much of my body as one hair of my head. I conjure thee Bileth by these words, and by their virtues and powers, I charge and bind thee by the virtue thereof, to be obedient unto me, and to all the words aforesaid, and this bond to stand between thee and me, upon pain of everlasting punishment and suffering, Fiat, fiat, fiat, Amen.

And after Bileth hath appeared and audience been taken, all questions put to him being dutifully answered, he should be discharged according to the order of dismissal. And should Bileth prove stubborn to take his leave, the Dismissal of the Spirit should be repeated three times even though he may seem gone.

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