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A Conjuration of Haagenti for the gaining of obscure wisdom...

HAAGENTI is a great president over thirty-three legions. He hath the ability to change metals to gold, water to wine and wine to water, and to make one wise in all things. His power is fearful and care should be taken upon his summoning that no dread appears on thine countenance lest weakness be perceived and Haagenti gain power over ye.

Haagenti should not be summoned too frequently. Having drawn a circle to constrain Haagenti, speak ye the following invocation aloud:

I conjure thee Haagenti, by the Spirits of the Seven Winds and by their virtues and powers I charge thee Haagenti, that thou shalt not depart out of my sight, nor yet to alter thy bodily shape, that thou art appeared in, nor any power shalt thou have of our bodies or souls, earthly or ghostly, but to be obedient to me, and to the words of my conjuration, that be written in this book. I conjure thee Haagenti, by all thrones, dominations, principals, potentates and virtues, and by their virtues and powers. I conjure and charge, bind and constrain thee Haagenti, by all the words aforesaid, and by their virtues, that thou be obedient unto me, and to come and appear visible unto me, and that in all days, hours, and minutes, wheresoever I be, being called by the virtue of the highest, thou shalt look ready to appear unto me, and to give me good counsel, how to come to know things hidden in the earth, or in the water, and how to come to dignity and knowledge of all things, that is to say, of the magick art, and of grammar, dialect, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geometry, and of astrology, and in all other things my will quickly to be fulfilled: I charge thee upon pain of everlasting condemnation, Fiat, fiat, fiat, Amen.

Once summoned, ye can ask of Haagenti what ye wish. Do not hesitate with thine questions, lest Haagenti should become annoyed and disruptive. When ye have finished, dismiss the spirit with the Dismissal of the Spirit.

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