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The Conjuration of Paimon for communication with a spirit...

PAIMON is constrained by divine virtue to stand before the conjurer and do their bidding. He is a liaison to the realm of the spirits and hath the ability to provide the presence of a desired spirit for the purpose of communication. He bindeth them that resist him in his own chains, and subjecteth them to the conjurer.

Great caution must be taken in the conjuration of Paimon as he is able to bring undesirable and dangerous spirits as well as the chaste and honorable.

Upon the calling up of Paimon, the conjurer must look to the northwest as this is his house. A circle must be drawn and the words of the invocation must be spoken aloud in a clear and firm voice as follows:

I conjure thee Paimon by the power of the everlasting virtue of the highest that thou shalt appear in my presence and do my bidding lest thee suffer th e everlasting torment and suffering for thy disobedience. Let thee in my presence do no harm that no hair of my head or evil, bodily or ghostly befall me. Let thee in my presence allow no spirit take hold and linger beyond their calling so that thee may suffer for their trespass.

I conjure thee Paimon that thou shalt act as intermediary in my communication and that thou shalt now offer me access to the spirit (name the name of the spirit with which ye wish to communicate) so that I may learn of them and theirs. Fail not in this calling and in thy chains need be let them be bound that they may do what of them I ask and answer all of them that I ask.

The invocation having been spoken, ask of the spirit thou hath called what ye will. And when concluded, the engagement desired to end, the spirit brought forth by Paimon shall need be discharged first and finally , then Paimon need be dismissed so that he shall not linger and come to be disruptive.

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