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The Conjuration of Zepar for Love

DRAW a circle upon the ground and having so done, call upon these names, Orimoth, Belimoth, Lymocke, and whence called, say thus:

I conjure thee up by the names of the angels Satur and Azimor, that ye attend to me in this hour and do send unto me a spirit called Zepar, Duke and leader of twenty-six legions, that he may appear as the soldier and that he shall fulfill my commandments and desires and that the understanding of my words shall linger with him for so long as I shall see fit and proper.

Having so spoken this invocation, the presence of Zepar shall be made manifest. And upon Zepar should thy burden of love desired be laid. And ye must speak clearly to him so that he shall understand thy request and so that no error be made and thy desire then remain unrequited.

And having so spoken thy needs, Zepar must then be dismissed and sent back, according to form, so that he shall not linger and delay in his departure.

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