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Controlling Spell

A spell from Peru used to gain power over people, animals or inanimate objects - Caution: This is a powerful and potentially dangerous spell.

You will need:

This spell should only be performed on a waning moon and only when the moon is high. Light the three candles. Place the bowl in front of them so that the bowl is between you and the candles. Now, place the fabric on the table or surface between you and the bowl. Once you have this arranged, you are ready to begin.

Take whatever particle you have of this person, animal or thing and hold it in your left hand. Close your eyes and imagine being in total control over the person, animal or thing. Open your eyes and dip the fingers of your right hand into the water. Sprinkle the water onto the empty fabric while still holding the object in your left hand and repeat these words aloud:

Through my effort, I take your will

Next, place whatever you are holding in your left hand on the fabric and sprinkle it with water from your right hand. As you do so, repeat these words:

By this act, my will is yours

Remove the item from the fabric. Place the thorn in the center of the fabric. Quickly roll the fabric and bind it with the twine. Place the whole in the jar or container and secure the lid.

Take each of the candles and drip a little wax onto the top of the container. Extinguish the candles.

Opening the jar or container can break the spell.

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