A Cup of Lust Spell

An invocation for gaining romance wants and wishes. This spell should be cast near the midnight on the eve of a full moon.

Set an empty cup on a table.

Light three candles and place them so as to create a triangle form around the cup.

Cup of Lust Image

Pour a small amount of water into the cup, just enough to cover completely the bottom.

Close your eyes and imagine that which you want or wish for.

Repeat the following invocation:

Set mine cup upon thy table,
Fill it full nay overflow,
Let me drink to quench mine thirst,
For I know that thou are able,
To grant these things I wish be got,
And other?s needs to let not pass,
Just at this moment, fill mine first

Drink the water in the cup.

Extinguish the three candles and repeat the following ending words:

Give me all that I may need,
But let not others go without,
Mine heart is without gluttony or greed,
Grant me pleasure,
Free from question or doubt.

Magic from The Spells of France

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