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Death's Doors Spell

An Egyptian transformation spell for smoothing netherworld transitions this spell should only be used when a person is almost certainly dying. It is designed to ease the crossing-over.

You will need:

A small photo of the person, preferably in their prime
Several fresh leaves from any plant
A small jar with a lid
Three coins
A piece of paper
A pen or pencil
A few drops of water
A pinch of salt

Write the dying person's name on the piece of paper.

Place the paper with the person's name on it, the photograph, the leaves, the coins, a few drops of water and a pinch of salt in the jar and then put the lid on the jar, securing it tightly.

Hold the jar with both hands and repeat the following words aloud:

O hear me, keeper of the four winds,
I, your humble servant of the earth,
Seeker of the key,
I entreat you!
This spirit that I hold and guard
Is ready for its journey and wishes
Safekeeping on its way.
I send it forth and entrust it to your hands
To bring it home as safely, just as you sent it forth.

Bury the jar in the ground.

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