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Desire Emote Spell

A spell from the Cook Islands used to increase the level of any desire in the spell's subject. This is a simple, but tremendously interesting spell, which can be used on oneself or another person to increase desire for anything. Use with caution: This spell can turn and twist.

You will need:

Three seeds of any type
A small cloth bag or paper envelope
A sheet of paper
A pen or pencil
A pinch of your or the other person's favorite spice

Write the name of the person whose level of desire you wish to increase on the paper. Next, write exactly what desire it is that you wish to show an increase and to what level you wish it to rise.

For example: John

I want his desire for sleep to increase to 12 hours a day.



I want her desire to travel to increase to once per month.

Sprinkle the favorite spice of the person for whom you intend the spell into the center of the paper. Place the seeds on top of the spice. Fold the paper so that the spice and seeds remain inside. Place the folded paper into the cloth bag or envelope and seal or close securely.

Hide the bag or envelope in the room where the person sleeps. If that is not possible, hide it in a room or area where they spend a great deal of time.

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