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Discernment Spell

Believed to be a Wisdom and Knowledge spell that claims its roots with the Babylonians, Karanina obtained this spell in what was Persia.

You will need:

2 small, dried twigs approximately 3 inches long
A length of twine
A small amount of dry soil or sand

Spread the soil or sand evenly on a flat surface. Take one of the twigs and trace a circle in the sand or soil. Do not allow the other twig to touch the sand or soil in which the circle has been drawn.

Lay the twigs on the surface, away from the circle, but parallel to each other. Do not allow the twigs to touch at this point.

Repeat these words aloud:

To one please grant the knowledge and the wisdom
Of the earth and all that belongs to it
To the other bestow the wisdom and the knowledge
Of the wind and heavens
For me, I beg thee both

Do not allow either twig to touch the circle in the sand or soil. Place the twigs together, side-by-side, and bind them securely with the twine. Never untie the twigs.

Sweep the sand or soil away.

Carry the twigs with you, particularly when important choices or decisions need to be made.

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