Discovery of Hidden Desires

An incantation-based magic spell that may be utilized to uncover hidden desires of love and passion in yourself and in others. Use this spell cautiously, it is simple, but powerful.

One must first obtain a twig from the boughs of a mature oak. The twig must be stripped of leaves and bark so that only the bare twig remains. The twig must then be allowed to soak in rainwater for two full days, thereafter removed and allowed to dry for three days. Only after this has been done may the spell be worked.

A solitary candle should be lighted on the eve of a full moon. In the flame of the candle should the small end of the twig be blackened to charcoal and carefully should this thing be accomplished so as not to overly damage the twig.

Once the twig has been sufficiently blackened on its smallest end, a piece of paper should be torn on all sides so as to form a square a hand?s breadth wide and long. On the square of paper, using the blackened end of the twig should be written the name of the person whose desires it be that you seek. This being done, the paper should be neatly rolled and sealed with wax of the candle.

The following invocation should be repeated aloud:

Mighty oak of ages past
Watcher of the world and all that passes
Impart unto me thy knowledge
That which has been brought to thee on the four winds
And transferred to your heart from the depths of the earth
Let no secret thing remain hidden, but rather
As the light brings thee life
Let thy life bring unto me knowledge
So this I ask
So may it be.

The candle should now be extinguished. The twig and the paper should both be buried in the earth and rainwater should be poured in a circle round the spot of their burial.

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