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The Dismissal of the Spirit which must never be forgotten...

SHOULD any spirit be called up, be they good or evil, devil or angel, and should they be engaged upon by thy own free will to appear before ye, they must, upon completion of the needed engagement, be dismissed or discharged. For if ye by thy own invitation summon them and then fail to discharge them, they shall have no reason to leave and may linger long in a place they should not be and havoc and dire consequences may ensue.

The following dismissal must be given them in firm and solid tone so that no question remain as to thy intent as the conjurer of their presence:

Go now, take thy leave spirit unto the place predestined and appointed for thee, where the eternal virtue of the highest hath appointed thee, until I shall call thee again. Be thou ready unto me and to my call, as often as I shall call thee, upon the promise and pain of everlasting damnation.

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