Divining Ritual 2

A divining ritual that is used to select one above another, typically in a situation where two or more options seem to be very similar of nearly equal value or importance.

On a piece of natural paper, write within each half, that which between you wish to choose, as shown in the diagram below:

divining ritual image

Down the center of the sheet, using Divining Oil or saliva on the tip of your right index finger, lightly draw a line, evenly dividing the halves.

Light a single candle. Recite the following incantation:

One to two
Between to choose
One to keep
The other lose
Guide my hands
To keep the side
The one best kept
This spell decides

Holding the paper in your hands and grasping each end, rip the paper quickly in two. The larger half of the torn whole is the decision of the spell. Extinguish the candle.

This ritual can be repeated as needed.

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