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A Powerful Spell based on Draw of the Seven

This spell is excellent for making choices or decisions.

Light a solitary candle and place it on a smooth bare surface.

Taking a piece of paper, tear it into seven pieces. Next, write seven choices or possible decisions.

Note: There will be many times that one's actual number of choices may be less than seven. In this case, one should create possible options for the individual choices so as to create a full seven possibilities.

For example: Let us assume that choice is to get a new pet and you are attempting to choose between a dog and a cat. This is only a choice of two possible pets. However, in this case you will need to create five more possible choices without losing your original choices. So, one could write the following: on one piece of paper, one could write: black cat, on another: yellow cat, on another: brown dog, on another: big dog, or even: get a cat on Friday, or: get a dog at noon. In this way, two choices can be sufficiently multiplied so as to create the necessary number.

When you have completed your seven choices, lay them face down in a circle around the base of the burning candle.

Rotate the candle, clockwise, seven times.

Now, standing over the candle, take a deep breath and blow downward so as to extinguish the candle. The piece of paper that moves furthest from the candle is the choice for you.

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