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Employ Empowerment Spell

A spell from old "Mother Russia" used to conjure up employment opportunities and improve you position with a current employer.

You will need:

5 dried beans, any variety
A potato
A sharp knife
A large sheet of paper
Two lengths of twine
A coin
A pen or pencil

This spell must be performed during a waxing moon.

Carefully cut the potato in half and hollow out a section in the middle of the potato large enough to hold the beans and the coin.

Place the dried beans and the coin in the potato. Put the potato back together, with the beans and coin inside, and tie the two halves of the potato together with the twine.

Lay the potato on the large piece of paper. Write your wishes on the paper: a job, a new job, a better job, a better position in your current job, etc. Write out in detail what it is you are seeking.

Next, wrap the potato in the paper and tie it securely with the second length of twine.

After midnight, bury the wrapped potato in a place that will remain undisturbed. Do not bury the potato before midnight.

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