Exotic Love Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Exotic Love Romance Spell

A soft, warm spell for exotic love. This spell can be performed at any time, day or night, but mornings seem to work out best.

On a sunny day, pick or purchase a small bouquet of your favorite flowers. Take the flowers home and lay them on a table or place them in a vase. Light two beeswax candles and place the bouquet between them.

Prepare a bowl of your lover's favorite, fresh fruits. If by some chance, your lover dislikes fruit, feel free to substitute a food or snack for which they have a passion. Fruit works best, but other foods will do. Place the bowl in front of the flowers, nearest you.

One-by-one, garnish the fruit with the flowers. As you place each flower in the fruit, recite the following words:

Flowers and fruit, fresh and sweet,
Love and Desire, Passion greet

When you have finished garnishing the fruit with the flowers, place the bowl in a location that your lover frequents. Any unused flowers should be disposed of.

Extinguish the candle.

Each day that your lover partakes of the fruit, remove a flower from the bowl and place the flower in the bedroom, close to the bed. As the flowers accumulate, so will your lover's passion.

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