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Fertility Charaz Spell

An old Spanish fertility spell designed to enhance the childbearing potential for couples and individuals. This spell is one of the older spells in this collection and may have origins in some very ancient societies. However, this is its current, adapted version.

You will need:

One fresh, uncooked egg
A beeswax candle
A strand of your hair
A piece of fabric large enough to wrap the egg
A sterile needle

Lay the fabric on a flat surface.

Light the candle.

Lay the egg on the fabric and repeat the following words aloud:

Protector of the seeds and of those unborn
Hear my plea!
I offer this of mine
That you might find favor with me
Release to me from under your protection
One you hold dear
That I might in your way of old
Follow your example
And nurture a tender life
With my blood, I swear this oath
And seal my fate
That I shall guard this life
And protect it as my own
And so forthwith shall its
Fate if the oath be broken
Be mine also.

Prick your finger with the sterile needle and dab a small amount of your blood on the egg. With the burning candle, drop some melted wax over the blood. In the melted wax, attach your strand of hair to the egg.

When the wax and blood have dried, wrap the egg in the fabric. Bury the egg in the ground, being careful not to break the egg. Take care to bury the egg in a place where it will remain undisturbed and unharmed.

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