Ritual of Fiery Passion from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Ritual of Fiery Passion

A steamy ritual used to incite fiery passion in your lover.

This ritual should be performed on the eve of a waxing moon.

Find a dark quiet place. Light seven beeswax candles and position them to form a circle. In a sock of your lover's, place the following ingredients:

Tie the sock closed, hold it in your right hand, and recite the following invocation:

Goddess of Love, Passion and Desire
Listen now and hear my plea
Light a fire inside of me
In my lover do the same
A passion burning as the flame
Seven candles burning bright
Passion's fever fills the night
Passion Goddess hear my plea
For passion for eternity!

The invocation having been spoken, drop the sock into the center of the circle of flaming candles. Extinguish the candles one-by-one. Hide the filled sock in the room where lovemaking will take place.

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