A Finding Spell

This spell adds power to any search — spiritual or physical. It is most powerful when worked during a new moon.

You will need:

  • A bowl of fresh rainwater
  • Seven candles (any color, but white or natural beeswax is best)
  • A compass
  • Seven very small, smooth stones

Place the bowl of rainwater in the center of a table. Using the compass, position four of the candles around the bowl: one at north, one at south, one at east, and one at west. Then place one candle at the additional three points shown in the diagram below to form a triangle that encompasses the other four candles. Finally, light all the candles.

finding spell image

Once the candles have been lighted, place the stones in the bowl of water and speak the following words aloud:

Fire burn and water run,
'Neath the moon and 'neath the sun,
Seeking, searching, bear to find,
In the heart and through the mind.

Having spoken the words, remove the stones from the bowl of water, set the bowl of water to the side, and then lay the stones on the table where the bowl of water used to be. Allow the stones to remain undisturbed for approximately thirty minutes. At the end of thirty minutes, extinguish the candles, but allow the stones to remain undisturbed for another thirty minutes. At the end of the second thirty minute period, take four of the stones and place one in the northern, eastern, southern and western areas of your home in a location where they will remain undisturbed.

Carry the remaining three stones with you whenever you "seek" or "search" for anything.

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