Fire Starter Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Fire Starter Romance Spell

A spell to cast on your lover to ignite their passionate side. This magic spell works best when performed early in the morning.

Place twelve fresh, red rose petals in a bowl.

Light two sticks or cones of rose incense and allow them to burn completely and cool. Take the ashes from the incense and sprinkle them over the rose petals. Stir the petals about to incorporate the ashes into the mix.

On a small piece of paper, write your lover's name. Fold the paper two times into a small square. Place the folded paper into the center of the mixture of petals and ash.

Recite this invocation:

Goddess of Love and Passion, hear my prayer.
May this simple offering please you to
Instill in my lover a deep and longing passion.
Heed my call to incite,
A passion for pleasure,
By day and by night!

Place the mixture of petals, ash and the written name of your lover in a small, cloth pouch. Tie the pouch closed. Hide the pouch in the room where your lover sleeps.

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