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Free Rein

A passionate ritual to be used for extinguishing inhibitions and igniting the fires of love! This spell should be performed at noon.

On a piece of white paper, write the name of the person for whom you wish this spell to be cast, be it yourself or someone else. Under the persons name, write the inhibitions you wish to destroy. List them completely. Crumple the paper to form a ball.

Place a fireproof metal pot or pan on a table. Next to the pan, place a beeswax candle — do not light it yet.

Holding the ball of paper in your left hand, recite the following words:

Inhibitions go away
Passion's fire, take its place!

Light the candle with your right hand. Using the flame of the candle, set fire to the paper ball and drop it in the fireproof container. While the paper is burning, focus on the passion you desire from that person. Allow the paper to burn until it goes out by itself. Do not attempt to light it again, simply dispose of the unburned remains.

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