Good Romance Spell

A spell designed to bring good romance to the worker.

This spell should be cast near the midnight on the eve of a full moon.

To begin, gather together the following items:

  • Three fresh leaves of an oak
  • The dried shell of an egg
  • A small pouch of fine cloth
  • A length of cord to close the pouch
  • Two stones the size of hen's eggs
  • Two candles

Near the midnight, as close you can, light the candles and place them on a suitable table.

Using both stones, grind the egg's shell into small bits.

Place the three leaves on the table, side by side, and sprinkle the ground egg's shell over them.

Set the stone in the midst of all and repeat the following invocation:

Spirits of the oak and stone
Life and death thee make thy own
Bring to me fair romance and fire
Through thy spirit lift me higher
So it may be by the three
Let it so, be with me

Place all, the stones, leaves and the ground shell in the cloth pouch and close the pouch securely with the cord. Tie the cord using three knots. Extinguish the candles. Keep the pouch, sealed, in a safe place, near to your bed, so that it will be with you while you sleep.

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